Letters: The simple fact is the Capital is lining up a subsidy junkie

GEORGE Ritchie reckons tram complainers don't grasp the complexity of the project (Interactive, 26 March). Well, let's keep it simple then.

The tram line, likely to become the half tram line, replaces just 17 buses. Not bus routes mark you, just buses. That's a cost of millions per bus.

Meanwhile we're slashing every facet of our civic infrastructure seriously impacting on those dependent on social work provision, education and other council services.

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And all for a business case for the tram which assumed government subsidy would be available for concessionary fares when no such commitment had actually been received.

Even now, common sense and political will could resolve this matter, saving taxpayers the hugely increasing costs of building this certain subsidy junkie.

Jim Taylor, The Murrays Brae, Edinburgh

Tireless effort on complex project

DESPITE all the recent doom and gloom about the work being undertaken on the new tram project, on Friday 27 March TIE and Bilfinger Berger worked tirelessly to ensure we had a valuable student site visit as part of our MEng fifth year civil engineering course at Edinburgh Napier University.

The students observed the assembly of the heavy reinforcement for the new Haymarket halt from the pavement of Haymarket terrace.

They then walked beside the new route to inspect the new bridge works at Russell Road and then the heavy piling works at Roseburn Terrace.

During the visit one student commented that they were impressed with the amount of work being undertaken and could not believe the complexity of the task.

Despite the ongoing challenges, staff from all those involved in these sections of the project provided a truly inspirational visit for the next generation of civil engineers.

Dr Mark Taylor, Lecturer in Civil Engineering, Edinburgh Napier University, School of Engineering and the Built Environment

Bad roads put you off making journey

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WHILE some action is being to taken to repair pot holes and damaged road surfaces within the city I was appalled at the shocking state of the scenic east coastal road during a recent trip back into the city via this route.

I may have been on a cycle but had I have been a motorist I would have been as equally shocked with the general state of disrepair that this most scenic of routes is in and I shudder to think what sort of first impression is created in the mind of visitors who enter the city via this road.

At a time when tourist numbers may be down Edinburgh should be pulling out all the stops to make the city an attractive place to visit again and again, but with poorly maintained roads visitors may be put off.

Angus McGregor, Albion Road, Edinburgh

Council is rubbing our noses in it

THE prize for crass corporate insensitivity this year goes to . . . Edinburgh City Council and their latest West Edinburgh version of Outlook.

Not content with harming the Drumbrae community with the closure of its local primary school, they add insult to injury by trumpeting on the front page of Outlook, (paid for by you and me, the taxpayers) about the great new plans they have for a care home on the site of the school.

All the while Drumbrae Primary School is still very much active and teaching, with parents and children there anxious about what the future holds for them.

This is akin to jumping up and down on someone's grave before they are even dead.

Meanwhile the centre pages of Outlook crow about safeguarding services and proclaim that there will be a 2.6 per cent increase in education budgets, when we know full well that in 'real' terms there will be frontline cuts to teachers and learning assistants this coming year.

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Behind all this there is the stench of local Lib Dem/SNP councillors who have failed in their duty to represent their community and are now desperately spinning to cover their tracks.

Martin Williams, Parkgrove Drive, Edinburgh

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