Letters: Thank heavens for John Bercow’s Brexit intervention

One Scotsman reader thinks John Bercow’s controversial halting of plans to re-run a voter on Theresa May’s Brexit deal could be divine intervention.

Thank heavens for House of Commons speaker John Bercow for standing up to Prime Minister Theresa May, who is intent on putting the 
interests of the Conservative Party above those of the ­country.

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Comment: John Bercow wrong to halt Brexit process

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After triggering Article 50, something supported by both Labour and the Tories, instead of trying to create a consensus, and trying to work out what future arrangement was best for the country, Theresa May instead called a general election and ended up with a bloody nose.

Speaker John Bercow. Picture: PA Wire

She thought Jeremy Corbyn was unpopular – oh, how she was wrong. That was the end of her majority.

She has spent the next two years pursuing her own ­dogmatic ideas, sidelining parliament and completely ignoring any advice from ­other parties, all to keep her divided party in power.

Speaker Bercow has now told Theresa May that she can’t continue to bully, intimidate and bribe Labour MPs in northern seats, and the DUP, who have already received billions of taxpayers money. She has been told she cannot carry on trying to manipulate MPs, of all parties, including the Tories, to vote for ­something they have already rejected because they know it is bad for the UK.

This disaster is entirely down to Theresa May. From Day 1 she has been dishonest with the people – we all remember Brexit means Brexit. Has there ever been a more incompetent and bullying government than the one we have now?

Phil Tate