Letters: SNP fight against ‘hard Brexit’ but endorse ‘hard independence’

The Scottish National Party is sticking with its resolute opposition to any form of Brexit. (“Pressure on SNP to back soft Brexit compromise”, 1 April).

This strongly suggests the SNP will seek a “hard” independence from England, with all that entails.

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It means we could not use Sterling, we would have a hard border and our main trading partner would be held at arm’s length.

Ian Blackford opposes a 'hard Brexit'. Picture: House of Commons/PA Wire

Given this hardline stance the SNP is taking over Brexit, should it not simply admit that its version of independence would be total, irrevocable and absolute and then ask the population of Scotland if that is what they actually want?

Maintaining a very friendly and co-operative bond with England by a “soft” independence cannot be achieved by breaking up the Union and then pretending it has not occurred.

Fudging this issue is not acceptable, although it is a given that the SNP will try.

The worry for us all is, even the SNP do not appear to realise exactly what it is seeking.

(Dr) Gerald Edwards