Letters: Scots are ‘referendumed out’ – we don’t want independence vote

People in Scotland are fed up of referendums, claims a Scotsman reader in our letter pages.

“Momentum is building and those opposing Scotland’s right to self-determination know it”, writes Lesley Riddoch (Perspective, 4 March).

Well, actually, Scotland decided the outcome of the backstabbing, ill-natured and divisive referendum on Scottish independence less than five years ago. The decision made by the Scottish people had a margin in favour of remaining in the UK by a majority of almost 24 per cent over those who wanted to break up our Union.

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Nicola Sturgeon made the prediction on CNN.

The Scottish people give no indication at all of wanting yet another constitutional referendum.

Like the rest of the people of the UK, they are ‘referendumed out’ and are quite ­content with the status quo, however much that disappoints separatist extremists.

The Scottish people know it. The SNP know it. Lesley ­Riddoch knows it.

Andrew HN Gray, Edinburgh

Lesley Riddoch needs to get out more and talk to ordinary folk. People are increasingly concerned about the incompetence of this Scottish ­government. Momentum is building, but not for independence – people want a decent health service and replacing one gormless Health Minister with an even more gormless one is not the answer.

If there has been a hallmark of Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership it has been to have a ­cabinet of pompous popinjays, the better to portray her in a good light.

They wanted more powers, they can’t handle the ones they have – look at the latest mess of the benefits system.

Currency, is not the only question that needs clarification, both the state pension and unfunded public service pensions need to be addressed. Civil service, health service, police and fire services, teachers – all rely on current revenues, like the old age pension, to pay them. What costings have been done in terms of employees’ and employers’ contributions and the effects this would have on National Insurance, council tax and income tax rates?

Tom McAughtrie, Dumfries