Letters: Sale of pub to chain would be last orders for retailers

PLANNING applicant Phil Marinello wants to convert the unused upper floor function room of Oxgangs’ Good Companions bar into bedrooms for the homeless (News, August 20).

Why is it unused? With a bit of money and imagination this could be a smart bar/diner with stunning views across the city.

Mr Marinello suggests that without these rental rooms to “keep the pub going” he might have to sell it to the supermarket chain which has expressed an interest.

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A new supermarket would wipe out once and for all Oxgangs Broadway and all its friendly shops, including the prize-winning convenience store and the post office, used by Army wives, in the saving of which Alistair Darling took a direct interest. Chemist, newsagent, hairdressers . . . the lot would go.

These shopkeepers have worked their butts off for years to serve their community, some of them starting at the crack of dawn.

In recent years they have had to compete against a new Safeway (now Morrisons) on their doorstep, and a giant new Tesco at Colinton Mains.

The area is surely at retail saturation level. Oxgangs Broadway is the focal point of the area.

City planners – please stop kicking it in the teeth.

Friends of Oxgangs, Oxgangs Brae, Edinburgh

Waterworld fate is a disgrace

I COULD not agree more with Lynn Mitchell’s letter about the closure of Leith Waterworld (News, August 21), in fact the majority of Leithers would also agree.

It seems, however, that the people we elect to carry out our wishes, the councillors, do not listen to what the majority want – one of the reasons why Leith is turning into a tip.

I have lived in Leith for well over 70 years and watched the area round Leith Walk and the surrounding streets deteriorate into rubbish tips.

One of the pleasures when I went down past the Waterworld was all the kids and their parents eagerly waiting to go in, and their well-scrubbed smiles when they came out.

My own grandson always looked forward to a visit to the Waterworld, now that pleasure’s gone.

I remember signing a petition about the closure a while ago, but I don’t think there’s been a response from any of the local councillors, the silence is deafening.

It’s an absolute disgrace that a facility enjoyed by kids and their parents is allowed to close.

S Watt, Gordon Street, Leith

Friendly relations from equal rights

Donald Jack’s Second World War experiences (Letters, August 21) were very different from those of my grandfather, who regaled us with tales of English serviceman referring to Jocks, Micks and Taffys.

Although united against a common enemy they retained their own nationalities, just as the Russians, American and other Commonwealth countries did.

American intervention won the war but that is no reason for the UK or anyone else to be ruled by the United States.

After the war the United Nations was formed, and one of the purposes was to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace.

As one of the oldest nations in Europe, Scotland is seeking independence by right and interdependence with others by choice.

Calum Stewart, Montague Street, Edinburgh

Acoustics for gigs have been no joke

I READ the letter by Margaret Love (Nothing funny in comic cancelling, News, August 21).

I’m so sorry about the shenanigans surrounding my original room.

I spent the week begging my technical team to find a solution – but the problem was so massive, none could be found. Some of the audience simply could not hear what I was 

Friday, things got dramatically worse and thus the 
Saturday show was cancelled.

I was out looking for a venue until 5pm for my “refugees”, hopeful, but one could not be found.

I am as stinkingly furious as you that a venue was set up in which a stand-up could not be heard – and will be making serious inquiries once my run in my new space has finished. Please accept my sincere apologies in the meantime.

Russell Kane