Letters: Percentages too taxing for some

IN YOUR editorial (21 November) you state "and the additional principle of tax powers were resoundingly backed by the electorate". Only 39 per cent of the electorate voted for tax-raising powers and the vote in favour of establishing a Scottish Parliament was only 45 per cent of the electorate. Hardly overwhelmingly in favour surely?

Ian Lewis, Edinburgh

THE Scottish Nationalists bleated on for years about how devolution would be worthless if the administration didn't have the ability to raise taxes. Now thanks to staggering incompetence by John Swinney this power has been denied to the current Holyrood administration, plus whoever is elected in May. Swinney's misleading pretence to Parliament that he had considered using the Tartan Tax, all the while knowing that the power had lapsed, is a serious lapse of judgment and he should resign.

Michael Macdonald, Glasgow