Letters: Fourth on Forth

WE have the Forth Bridge; the Forth Road Bridge; and, of course, the Kincardine-on-Forth Bridge.

That adds up to three bridges, each a source of great pride. That being so, it seems natural to me that the new one should be named the Fourth Bridge, a description that encapsulates where it is and how it figures in the scheme of things!

George Cooper


Leslie, Fife

Hopefully it will be appropriate to call the new Forth crossing the Independence Bridge.

Patricia Macinnes

Ancaster Road

Callander, Perthshire

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In recognition of Queen Elizabeth’s diamond year it would be fitting and appropriate to name the new bridge in her name and as tribute to her faultless reign, and I would suggest Royal Diamond Bridge.

Dennis Grattan

Mugiemoss Road

Bucksburn, Aberdeen