Letters: Criminals’ cash gives boys sporting chance

The news about money seized from criminals being used to provide a new synthetic pitch at Meadowbank (News, April 12) has cheered me up no end. From something bad comes something good, and to offer the use of the pitch to youngsters for free is such a good idea.

Youngsters who are at a turning point in their lives need to be steered in the right direction. If they find themselves at a loose end the temptation is to misbehave and by getting a criminal record they could potentially ruin the rest of their lives, making it hard to get a job later on or at least limiting the type of work they can do. Once in this slump it is all the more tempting to commit further crime, and so the cycle begins.

Football is universally liked – most boys would rather play than break into cars or vandalise bus shelters. Giving them the chance to play for free, on Friday night when they might otherwise be bored and restless, is an excellent idea and will keep them fit, encourage team spirit and hopefully keep them on the straight and narrow. Well done Leith Athletic FC!

Brian Armstrong, Cramond, Edinburgh

Thatcher send-off cost is an insult

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Margaret Thatcher may have been at the peak of her powers during a decade of decadence and extravagance but to spend millions on her funeral is way over the top and a final insult to the taxpayers who will fund a good deal of it.

Given her historical achievements and status, her funeral should be an event of national importance, but in these austere times when millions are struggling to make ends meet, the cost of her send-off should be kept to a reasonable amount.

Not only that, but would it be morally correct to spend vast sums on the funeral of an individual whose policies inflamed a nation and inspired so much hatred and division?

Angus McGregor, Albion Road, Edinburgh

Junk food is a drug to children

I AGREE with former Scotland captain Graeme Souness regarding shops selling junk food to children, comparing them to drug dealers (News, March 25).

He is right to speak of his horror at seeing kids queueing up to buy foods such as pizza which is high in fat, food in chip shops, etc, on their lunch break. All these junk foods are very unhealthy for children.

Parents must ensure that their kids eat a good wholesome, healthy diet which does not include takeaways. On occasion they do no harm, but not every day.

June Fleming, Hercus Loan, Musselburgh

Life worth more than properties

Having read the sad news of the unexplained death of a man in Cumberland Street Lane (News, April 6), I was appalled by comments by a resident saying that there had also been a sexual assault a few months ago and they hoped the area wasn’t going downhill.

What a callous remark. A poor man has died in whatever circumstances leaving grieving family and this person is concerned with property values. I really hope we as a race haven’t sunk this far and this is an isolated opinion.

Mike Saunders, Edinburgh