Letter: Why all the fuss over snow?

I AM surprised by all the fuss about snow at the end of November. As a child in the late 60s and early 70s, I remember that both my brother and I had sledging parties on our farm to celebrate our birthdays, and snow round these dates was unremarkable.

Our school was never closed, and we always made it in to school in Edinburgh from our farm in the outskirts, despite the snow.

Incidentally, his birthday is on 28 November and mine is 16 February. We have a few months of possible snow to go till my birthday.


Academy Place


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It WOULD seem the doom-laden warnings of the global warming fundamentalist industry need a dose of the salt now keeping the thoroughfares of our cities open. Back to the drawing board for the next projection please.

Since their cataclysmic projections started, global weather seems to have done what it has always done and been even more unpredictable, almost to spite the prophets of doom with their "The End is Nigh" placards.

Global warming is an ongoing fact and the climate is changing, as it has done since time began. The planet and humankind are more than capable of handling and adapting to these changes.


New Cut Rigg