Letter: What the SNP did

Michael Kelly, a former Labour politician, asks: "What has the SNP ever done for Glasgow?" (Perspective, 16 June).

I thought I'd provide examples: the recent M74 extension, the upgrade of the M80, investment in the Glasgow Subway network and significant support to the Glasgow Commonwealth Games project (including spin-offs from its legacy).

What's more, Glasgow is also part of Scotland, so her residents benefit from all the SNP's national priorities, including the council tax freeze, the expansion of free bus passes for those least able to pay, the proscription of university tuition fees, free NHS prescriptions and various breaks for small businesses. There are many more examples.

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If we ask the question that most are asking, other than Michael Kelly, of course, "what has the Scottish Labour Party ever done for Glasgow?", the picture really is bleak.

Despite Labour having lorded over it for well over half a century, Glasgow still has some of the highest levels of social deprivation in Europe, the poorest health records in the western world, and some of the highest unemployment rates.

If all Labour has been able to achieve are greater levels of poverty and the worst examples of local government sleaze, I sincerely hope Glasgow folk desert the sinking Labour ship and put their faith in the SNP.

David Balfour

Craobhraid na Coiltich