Letter: We only need an answer to one question

WE’VE only started on the independence debate but I think we’ve heard enough to convince all right-thinking people we urgently need a referendum with only one question.

For starters, we need to confront a myth that has been shamelessly peddled since last May. This awful Nationalist government did not gain an “overwhelming mandate” for anything. To our eternal shame only 50 per cent of us bothered to vote; and around half chose the SNP. Ergo, one in four of the electorate voted SNP; and it’s reasonable to suggest even they aren’t 100 per cent in favour of independence.

There has always been a minority grouping of unrealistic dreamers and ruthless self-promoters hell-bent on breaking up the United Kingdom; and right-thinking people should always be striving for the extermination of nationalism (of any ilk).

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And as for that single question: haven’t we seen enough over the past 11 years to prompt widespread demand for a yes/no on abolishing that profligate, inept and counter-productive farce at Holyrood.

Jim Parker, Glenrothes