Letter: Wasted warning

I WAS intrigued to read your report (9 April) regarding the unfortunate accident at New Street railway bridge involving a coach, hired by Motherwell FC, which struck the bridge parapet.

On a serious note, I would like to quiz officials of the City of Edinburgh Council to explain why the sophisticated overheight detection system, located on the route (east of this bridge on Lower Calton Road) of this coach, has never been repaired since it ceased operating in 2007. The electronic warning sign is still located there but the overheight detectors have not functioned for years and, had they been in perfect operation, it is likely that this accident would never have happened.

I’m sure the council would say there is a triangular road warning sign that depicts the maximum height to any driver of an approaching high vehicle.

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Therefore, a minimum legal requirement is satisfied.

However, it is clear that this sophisticated secondary bridge protection was originally installed at this site to provide additional protection, much like on the other roads leading to this vulnerable bridge. Sheer negligence comes to mind!

B Jacks

Craigleith Hill