Letter: Unfair images

I have noted that photos of Alex Salmond in your pages are often less than flattering. For example, he is often caught with his eyes shut. This is, at best, careless.

However, your photographic spread over two pages (9 June) breaks new ground.

In the blow-up of the "devolved administrations" side of the Downing Street committee table, everybody is seen to be giving David Cameron and his Westminster colleagues their rapt attention, apart from Alex, who seems more concerned with a cup of tea.

This implies a casual attitude in his part.

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For the few readers who take the time to look at the smaller photo of the same table, Alex is seen without the cup, giving his full attention to the prime minister. It seems very contrived to have a blow up of another image, rather than the image from which it purports to come. Consequently it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that the Scotsman is involved in a wee bit of visual spin, so as to cast our First Minister in a poor light.

Ken Gow

Bridge of Canny