Letter: True Tory colours

The crass comments by Lord Young about a "so-called recession" and people "never having it so good" (your report, 19 November) was not a gaffe.

It was the true face of the Tory Party and how they really think. The Tories are a party of cold-hearted 19th-century robber barons. They care about nobody but their own Royal Ascot-attending class and regard those in poverty as being there through their own laziness.

Lord Young was right in one sense: the capitalist class of bosses and bankers have never had it so good. Record profits and record bonuses all paid for, courtesy of ripping off the consumer and milking the taxpayer.

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David Cameron has tried to change the image of the Tories as being the nasty, bigoted party. Lord Young has well and truly torn his mask off. This was the real reason he resigned, not because he regretted what he said.

Alan Hinnrichs

Gillespie Terrace


David Cameron's attempts to re-brand the Conservatives has just taken a wobble, thanks to Lord Young. His offending comments merely demonstrate you can't take capitalism out of the Tories.

Catriona C Clark

Hawthorn Drive

Banknock, Falkirk