Letter: Time runs out for Northern Britain

I APPLAUD Gerald Warner's excellent article 'Union in headlong charge into the valley of death' (Insight, 15 May). The leadership of the Conservative Party in Scotland has had a death wish for decades.

In 2007, the leader of the party, Annabel Goldie, ignored the fears of the grassroots membership and betrayed Unionist principles by participating in the Calman Commission and no doubt her successor to the leadership of the party will be equally as treacherous and inept as the Scotland Bill is being debated at Westminster.

To the outrage of the Conservative membership, it did not take long before the newly elected MSPs became accustomed to the status of sitting at Holyrood and enjoying all the privileges and expenses enjoyed by their counterparts at Westminster but doing very little to justify their existence there.

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David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party, recently said he would fight with every fibre in his body to preserve the Union. What confidence can we place in a Prime Minister when he has broken his promise to allow the electorate a referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain part of the European Union?

Cameron is hell bent on ensuring this nation surrenders itself to a complete political union with Europe. As Scotland returns few Conservatives to Westminster it makes no difference to Cameron if Northern Britain remains part of the United Kingdom or not.

Evelyn Pelosi, Edinburgh