Letter: Student honour

With the vote on raising education fees to take place in the House of Commons today, Westminster will certainly be an interesting place to be, with the usual scurrying around by the party whips to ensure everyone (even the walking wounded ) will turn up and vote.

Normal practice understandably is everyone will vote for the party line, but every so often, we are treated to an issue that tugs at individual integrity and honour and this is one of those times. Given that 30-odd Liberal Democrats signed up to the Students Charter pre-election stating their support against increased fees, and now being faced with towing the party line, we'll soon realise who are the "right Honourable" and who are not. I hope there is extensive media coverage naming MPs and the way they voted. I can't help smiling when I think of a quote from Groucho Marx: "These are my principles, but if you don't like them - I have others."


Brook Street

Broughty Ferry, Dundee