Letter: SNP paranoia

The paranoia and basic anti-British attitude of so many involved with Scottish nationalism could not be better demonstrated than by the letters from Catriona Clark and Calum Stewart (3 November).

They forget that the overwhelming majority of Scots did not vote for the SNP and do not want their licence fee money spent on yet another nationalist road show and in fact welcome the BBC's broadening of subjects for Question Time debate.

The proposed opt-out they mention would attract about the same numbers as previous efforts to separate Scotland from the UK in a broadcasting sense, ie next to zero, and would merely be pandering to a vociferous, tiny minority.

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Presumably this minority would want discussion limited to the SNP's fantasies.

David Dimbleby treated Nicola Sturgeon with exactly the same respect - or lack of it - that he does to representatives of every other party.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg