Letter: Shetland defence

CONGRATULATIONS to Michael Kelly on his presumed appointment as “Tourism Prevention Officer, Shetland Islands” (“Island life is far from ideal”, 29 December). Never have I read an article penned with such utter petulance, ignorance and belligerence.

In sharing with us his interpretation of “quality of life”, ie close proximity of a football ground, a city centre, cattle, country parks, cycle tracks, museum, carry-outs, large houses, trees, motorways, daily newspaper deliveries and golf courses; Mr Kelly exposes his ignorance of Shetland life.

With the exception of sectarian-fuelled football stadiums (no, thank you), and motorways (no need, thankfully), Shetland provides all the aforementioned, plus a great more besides. Community spirit, high educational attainment, the lowest unemployment ratio, nigh on zero crime, non-existent vandalism and anti-social behaviour seldom witnessed.

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Mr Kelly notes “… destructive criticism is never helpful.” That being the case, why did he bother expending energy upon this negative article? Thankfully, I can agree with Mr Kelly on one point: his closing comment.

“You find your way to Shetland if you really want to. I’ll stay in Pollokshields.” You stay there, Mr Kelly, with your misinformation and misguided sentiment.

Stuart Stenhouse