Letter: Scottish mayor

It was amusing to see the business community calling for a directly elected Edinburgh mayor (your report, 23 August).

It signals that their hopes for significant Conservative/Unionist influence at Holyrood or in the council chamber have finally been dashed, and that they are looking for a way in through the back door.

They should, however, remember the old Eastern proverb - "Be careful what you wish for; it may come true."

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We are, thankfully, a contrary electorate who may be led, but never driven, and bearing in mind the people's affection for Jimmy Reid (which was always more constant than some of the "unco guid" who wrung their hands at his funeral), it is as possible that we would elect a Jimmy, Ken, Tommy (or even a Billy anyone?) as a Boris.

Edinburgh needs a Boris like a fish needs Wellingtons.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road


Some argue that Edinburgh needs a Boris. Others may think that one Boris is enough. But why do they call for a "mayor" unless they wish the complete anglicisation of Scotland?

England has mayors. Scotland has provosts.

David Stevenson

Blacket Place


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