Letter: Save Canonmills

The Committee of the Inverleith Society was one among many objecting formally to the development of the Canonmills Bridge. Objections ranged from the technical to the emotional; all were appalled by the scale of the project, which proposes a four-five storey replacement for a single-storey row of shops.

Jenny Hjul (Comment, 28 October) expressed surprise and disappointment that the planning department had, for no discernible benefit to the local area, recommended to the planning committee that permission should be granted in the face of so much local opposition.

The planning committee sought further advice from the Urban Design Panel (UDP), and its members saw the site for themselves before taking the decision. We applaud their perspicacity.

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Sadly, the committee was advised that comment at this stage is outwith the remit of the UDP, which was unable to make a recommendation. We trust that the councillors will bear in mind, when voting today, that they are representing a local population which has already expressed its view. The planning committee should reject this project and save Canonmills from becoming a mini St James Centre.

Marian McIntyre

The Inverleith Society

Eildon Street