Letter: Rethink after Eurovision flop

AFTER another UK flop in Eurovision which didn't sound good to anyone ("Soundly beaten by the Germans", 30 May), we should either pull out completely or have a total rethink in which the island nations take it in turn to put forward entries.

Scotland has proven talent with proven success and would be well placed to go it alone – Susan Boyle, Sandi Thom, Rod Stewart, Amy McDonald to name but a few for starters. And promote the entry well in advance of the competition. Thinking outside the box means approaching the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Abba, the people who produce songs for the Bond movies, on ideas for promotion. A strong promotion, given that Eurovision is seen by hundreds of millions of people, could have a strong financial payoff for the whole country.

What is certain is that after the latest rock bottom effort by the UK, things have to change.

Andrew J T Kerr, Jedburgh