Letter: Religious order

Stephen Moreton's letter attacking Christianity (28 May) contains enough straw men for an Edinburgh artist to create a statue and burn it on Calton Hill. Richard Lucas's religion, for example, does not advocate "the prison cell, the lynch mob or the machete" for homosexuals.

Moreover there is substantial evidence for people having changed their sexual behaviour and orientation. In addition whilst studies have indicated that there is some connection between biology and sexual orientation, the search for a "gay gene" has failed, and most now accept that environment and choice are as significant if not more significant factors.

The "God created me gay" argument is at best simplistic and superficial. But none of this seems to bother Dr Moreton. His definition of the "most advanced" countries as being "the least religious" means that the United States, South Korea and the Netherlands are backward countries, whilst North Korea is the peak of civilisation.

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He does however have one thing right - Christianity does not just "accept us as we are". Christ declares that we are all, whatever our race, sexual orientation, social status, sinners who cannot even see the Kingdom of God, unless we are reborn by his Holy Spirit. Christianity is about radical change - and the Good News is that this change is open to all.


Solas Centre for Public Christianity