Letter: Radio gaga

I give up. Here in the Highlands, I lived for years without a decent radio signal until I got a radio that actually worked. How I longed to reconnect with my Radio 4 favourites. But a lot had changed in the intervening years and in the spirit of our new Parliament and our first nationalist government, I switched allegiance to Radio Scotland.

It worked at first although I sneaked away occasionally when two hours of Fred MacAulay in and two hours of Tom Morton seemed like too many funny men for one day. Or when someone assumed the whole of Scotland was devoted to sport on a Saturday afternoon.

I forgave them, reluctantly, when Ian Anderson was regulated to the twilight zone. I started to despair when Kaye Adams, with her faux working-class bonhomie, was brought in and that finger itched to switch over to Woman's Hour.

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But I have crossed the Rubicon and abandoned all hope that Radio Scotland will ever be anything more than a Scottish-themed radio magazine. Scotland Live will become The John Beattie Show (your report, 1 November). I don't know anything about John Beattie because I don't know anything about accountants or rugby. I know I want a midday news programme with political analysis of the day's events and comment from the experts in their fields. I definitely don't want more "interaction with listeners".

I can tell head of BBC Scotland Jeff Zycinski why his ratings have fallen by 73 per cent in the recent quarter. It's a question of quality.

Anne M Keenan