Letter: Qualified right

MUCH as I have a degree of sympathy with Gillian Bishop’s viewpoint (Letters, 6 January) as we live in a democracy, the right of reply of government ministers in the letters page should not be taken away, even though they do have a range of other platforms available to them which the ordinary layperson has not.

However, given government minister titles, such as in the case mentioned by Gillian Bishop, of Fergus Ewing as energy minister, there should be a requirement for the chief minister to very publicly state the qualifications and experience of those he appoints at the time of their appointment, so that we can all see if the minister concerned has any ability and relevant knowledge in regard to handling their portfolio. Their actions can then be judged accordingly.

Such information may even go a long way in helping to explain why this country is now in such a shambles, and not just in respect of energy policy.

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Neil McKinnon

Tulchan Garden

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