Letter: Out of step

AM I alone in noticing that the front steps of the newly-refurbished National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street in Edinburgh have been left in the same state as they were before £47 million was spent improving the interior (your report, 28 July)?

My daily commute to work (at bicycle level) gives me a perspective along the lines of the steps as I come up Chambers Street.

Not only is the lack of parallelism of the lines of the steps very obvious, some of the stones have not been reset correctly and are at different heights.

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This makes the outside of the museum look shoddy and unkempt.

Considering the craftsmanship that the Victorian builders of the museum put into constructing this edifice in the first place, is it too much to expect a decent job of work in the 21st century?

Even the builders of the Parthenon in Athens knew how to make a decent set of steps 3,000 years ago.

(Dr) Niall McGuinness

Balfour Place