Letter: Olympic Lions

People are up in arms about a "British" football team for the Olympic Games. Furious arguments are raging in so many places. Surely they already have a model which they could follow, namely the British Lions Rugby team.

Players look on it as an even greater honour to be chosen as a Lion as for their own country.

True, the Lions play only a few times in two years, but the games are at the very highest level and are furiously contested.

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Such an arrangement would be ideal for the Olympics, given that the games come around even more infrequently, and always in our off-season.

I suspect that many in the football world are unaware of this very high quality sports series. Let someone tell them, and give them the added pleasure of seeing their favourites playing not only for Scotland but for a side with an even bigger field of selection.

J R Hall

Colinton Grove