Letter of the law?

You report (7 August) that Karen Whitefield, MSP for Airdrie and Shotts, sent a personal letter of congratulation to all primary 7 pupils in her constituency who are progressing to secondary school.

Ms Whitefield claims the letters were issued "with the express permission of their respective head teachers and according to lists supplied by the schools themselves", presumably following a request from her.

Of concern to parents must be the cavalier treatment of their children's personal details. The expectation of parents would surely be that head teachers would routinely refuse to release such data.

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Setting aside Ms Whitefield's poor judgment, who did she actually ask for this information? It seems beyond belief that all of the head teachers concerned were content to provide it. The universal provision of information suggests the involvement of North Lanarkshire education department. If so, who agreed that details should be released?

Parents across the country have an interest in this issue. They will hope for, indeed expect, an assurance that the release by schools of personal details of their children in this way is not a use approved by the Data Protection Registrar.


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