Letter: New Tattoo hope

On the finding of a new producer for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (your report, 17 December), I have to ask why the post was vacated by Major-General Euan Loudon after three years.

Maybe he has moved on to a better job, but surely producing the Tattoo must be one of the best going jobs in Scotland. It has the pride of place in the Edinburgh Festival and worldwide recognition.

But it may be that he was disliked immensely by the veterans for the way he pushed through, when general officer Scotland, the merging of the Scottish regiments despite great opposition by the Save Our Regiments campaigners. He was instrumental in destroying the sort of material needed to place a show on the castle esplanade, loss of pipe and military bands and military administrators.

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Trying to keep the Tattoo military must now be difficult, what with ongoing conflicts, troop shortages and equipment.

We are pleased that the new incumbent Brigadier Allfrey has filled the post. He has been successful in recruiting for the army, and spoke out about the amalgamations and mergers, saying it would damage our Scottish regiments.

We veterans knew this and that is why we marched in seven major towns, toured the country in a battle bus and took a huge petition to Downing Street, but New Labour was adamant that the much loved and revered regimental system was to be broken up to save money. The veterans still smart over the decision to merge our regiments and still live in hope, but perhaps a new Tattoo producer will give it the uplift it needs. Who knows, I might be up on the stand again at the castle taking in the splendour of the next Tattoo.

Major Bob Ritchie MBE

Bloom Court