Letter: More pressure must be put on Israel

When Barack Obama came to power it was widely hoped that he would be able to influence the Israeli government. There were also hopes that the peace process in the Middle East would have high priority in US diplomatic initiatives.

It seems that those of us who have campaigned for decades for a just solution for the Palestinian people are to be disappointed yet again.

The Israeli government has displayed its contempt for international law and opinion with its aggressive attack on a ship bound for Gaza with many volunteers of diverse origins in international waters. Even national Israeli newspapers like Haaretz and the Jewish Post are calling this latest incident "a fiasco".

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The issue of Palestine's suffering has been a major plank in the arguments for recruiting young people into extremist organisations. Good sense suggests that serious and concerted efforts to resolve the political divisions in the Middle East would defuse many tensions elsewhere.

Every effort must be made by the US, UK and governments of the world to put pressure on the Israeli government to stop the Gaza blockade and to begin peace negotiations with urgency.


Woodend Drive


If the UN believes the Israeli action against the Gaza relief flotilla was abhorrent, why does it not invite all its member states to send one warship each to escort a fleet of merchant ships to take essential supplies of food, clothing, building materials, and supplies to stock shops, to the people held hostage along the Gaza Strip?

Each military ship will also carry civilians from every UN country to supervise the distribution of the cargos, without interference from the Israelis. Anyone from the Gaza side seen to cause trouble should be arrested and taken to an International Court, likewise any Israeli taking similar action.


Greame Road

Bridlington, East Yorkshire

To attack a humanitarian ship with commandos and live ammunition is nothing short of international piracy and Israel should be condemned for such aggressive action leading to the deaths of nine innocent people.

The desperate plight of the people of Gaza is a matter of record and a disgrace to the Western world in their failure to come to the aid of Gaza and blind support for Israel and its military might.


Mugiemoss Road

Bucksburn, Aberdeen

Once again the Israelis have demonstrated just how aggressive and ruthless their nation actually is. To have commandos land on another nation's ships on the high seas is surely unlawful.

If this terrorist act had been perpetuated by a state such as Iran, the Americans would have been planning to invade it the following week.

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It has been long overdue for the rogue state of Israel to be brought to book and those responsible for what are quite plainly criminal acts to be accountable for them in an international court.

It is well past time that their major supporters – i.e. the United States and Britain – should seriously reconsider their position to avert what could, in the end, result in nuclear conflagration.


Greenmount Drive