Letter: Missing link?

With regard to your Editorial (7 February), there is little chance that speculation about Mr al-Megrahi will be laid to rest in the near future.

Some 270 innocent people died in the Lockerbie bombing of 21 December, 1988. It tends to be forgotten that, on 3 July, 1988, 290 innocent people, including 66 children, died when Iran Air Flight 655 was shot down in Iranian airspace by the US warship Vincennes, at that time in the Strait of Hormuz in Iranian territorial waters.

There are many aspects of these events, and any relationship between them, which we may never know and which some people seem not to wish us to know, possibly because they might cast doubt on any Libyan connection. We do know that Mr al-Megrahi was released from a Scottish prison on compassionate grounds, in accordance with Scottish law. Release of any further papers and information about this should be welcomed.


Blacket Place