Letter: Looks familiar

Lesley Riddoch's article (Perspective, 7 February) on the effects of cuts in public expenditure was illustrated by a photo of a chap in a suit, lost in the enjoyment of a book in a public library. The implication was that the cuts threatened such innocent pleasure.

The man in the suit was me. The photo must have been taken, without my knowledge, in the main Reading Room of the Central Library on George IV Bridge, Edinburgh. I had no idea the photo existed, let alone that it was about to be given prominent display in The Scotsman.

As it happens, I am delighted the photo was published. Firstly, it makes me look quite presentable. Secondly, it gives publicity to the Central Library. I urge your readers to take every chance they get to visit and use this great institution. Its ambience, facilities and staff are all first rate.

The threat of unseen lenses poking through the stacks will not alter my browsing habits in the least.


Afton Place