Letter: Lack of faith

The news that Gilcomston South Church, Aberdeen, is likely to vote in the near future on whether to leave the Church of Scotland over the issue of the ordination of gay ministers is disappointing (your reports).

Irrespective of one's views on this issue, the fact is that the General Assembly have not yet taken a definite decision one way or another. It should always be remembered that the composition of the assembly differs from year to year and that one assembly nay take a very different view from another on the same issue.

Because of this fact, as things stand at the moment the so-called revisionists should not assume that it is now virtually certain that what they favour will come about, while the so-called traditionalists should not assume that, when a decision is finally taken, the decision of the assembly in 2013 will be in keeping with that of 2011. Even more important, who knows where the Spirit (as distinct from the Bible) will lead.

AG McGillivray

Larchfield Neuk

Balerno, Midlothian