Letter: Judging Jura

I am once again baffled by the lack of attention given to our great Isle of Jura, this time by the Lonely Planet (your report, 2 November).

While Shetland has rightly been lauded as a top tourist site in the company's latest travel guide, Jura has once again been forgotten or, worse, not even considered.

Now, I'm aware that with a population of fewer than 200 people, we live on an island that is one of Scotland's best kept secrets. However, I assumed that it was the Lonely Planet's job to uncover such gems.

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We may only have one distillery, one shop, one pub, one restaurant, one village hall and a single-track road running the length of the island, but we also have some of most incredible scenery and wildlife, not to mention whisky, in Scotland - if not the UK.

Surely, it's time Jura was recognised as a place to visit in its own right by those who purport to be experts on the word's untouched travel destinations. We would be more than happy to play host and I can guarantee that once their intrepid travel reporters have spent a few days here, they will realise why I'm kicking up such a fuss.

Willie Cochrane

Isle of Jura Distillery


Isle of Jura