Letter: Illogical tax plan

Jim Stamper's support (Letters, November 13) for progressive taxation, with higher earners paying a premium rate, is illogical in both principle and practice.

Those on greater income already contribute more at the basic rate, and further penalisation is unjust. Why should they suffer for the government's failure to manage the economy, in particular the fiasco of welfare benefits?

There should be a single tax rate for all, set at the minimum required to run the country and provide for emergencies - otherwise, governments become extravagant, wasting money on grandiose schemes and avoidable wars.

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We now face the result of just such profligacy; as chancellor, Gordon Brown bled us dry with relentless tax increases, so the present budget cuts should have been unnecessary.

It must also be recognised that the private sector is the provider of the country's wealth, while the public sector is a consumer. When the latter is also the greater, as in Scotland, national prosperity becomes impossible.

If there is a case for variable personal taxation, it seems to me that productivity offers a better basis than income, and that productive workers should be rewarded with a lower rate.

It should also be acknowledged that government is part of the public sector and must share in any job losses. Would we really miss the House of Lords?


Ormiston Road

Tranent, East Lothian