Letter: Hypocrisy over drug treatment

WHEN Labour came to power in 1997 they heralded that great change would happen and that they would listen to the people.

The recent comments by former drugs minister Bob Ainsworth sum up the hypocrisy of New Labour and the last Labour Government when he states that all drugs should be open to everyone, as we shall never win the war on drugs.

It was himself, his government and his boss David Blunkett who stopped the introduction of a humane cure for all Class A drug addiction during their reign of power. Indeed this cure has no side effects, no cold turkey, is safe for human consumption, is non-addictive and has cured over 20,000 hard drug addicts over the past 15 years. This non-addictive medicine in capsule form is now produced in pharmaceutical laboratory facilities in Vietnam and under Western criteria.

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This medicine that detoxifies and releases the person from the bondages of addiction in less than one week, has been denied by Bob Ainsworth and his former government. If that is not hypocrisy I do not know what is.

Dr David Hill, Bern, Switzerland