Letter: Housing crisis

The report detailing the rise in house prices (3 November) may provide some home owners with comfort, but to those of us in the Scottish housing and building sectors anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Comprehensive Spending Review on the affordable housing investment programme, it is not one crumb of comfort, and even less so to those seeking accommodation to suit their pockets and needs.

This is made even worse by proposals being considered under the mortgage market review (MMR). The British Bankers' Association warns this would effectively exclude more people from home ownership. This will undoubtedly affect first-time buyers worst of all.

It is estimated that some 50 per cent of home loans made between 2005 and 2009 would not have been made if the new restrictions applied. Politicians must act swiftly to counter these barmy proposals and seek to ensure that investment in affordable homes is maximised.

Brian Gegan

Cairn Housing Association

York Place