Letter: Glasgow budgets

I'm at something of a loss to understand Glasgow City Council's Labour leader's continual attacks on the Scottish Government over the budget settlement (your report, 20 December).

Everyone, even Councillor Gordon Matheson, knows that due to Labour incompetence - and Tory/LibDem heartlessness - Scotland is facing the worst financial settlement since the beginning of devolution.

We also know this means settlements to local authorities, including Glasgow, are less than any of us would have wished, but it appears that the thrust of his attack - besides being incredibly aggressive, childish and unhelpful to the people of Glasgow - is that he is being forced to freeze council tax, guarantee positions for new teachers and do all he can to ensure police numbers do not fall from their record high if he signs the agreement with the Scottish Government over the grant settlement.

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Is Councillor Matheson really saying he wants to penalise hard working families by raising council tax, compromise our children's future by employing fewer teachers and help criminals by cutting the number of police officers?

If so then can he please be honest about it and tell us what he would rather spend the money on?

On the other hand, if he is not saying this, then it is clear that - once again - he is putting party politics before the welfare of the people of Glasgow.

Glasgow, like the rest of Scotland, does faces difficult times - this great city needs a leader who is willing to work hard to minimise these difficult times for its citizens, rather than bleating. Unfortunately, misrepresenting the true position is not the way to do it.

Glasgow is now landed with a leader who, even within the council's budget process in the most serious financial period for many a year, would still rather play party politics than come up with serious proposals. It really is time he stepped up to the plate and started to do the job that he was so keen to get.

(Cllr) James Dornan

Leader of the Opposition (SNP)

Glasgow City Council