Letter: FMQ farce

I listened to First Minister’s Questions (FMQ) on Thursday and concluded that this “different parliament” that we invented in Scotland is becoming a joke.

Now, as an SNP critic, I would happily and naturally blame the First Minister, but I think that the Presiding Officer is failing us.

AT FMQ, both Johann Lamont and Ruth Davidson asked quite precise and very pertinent questions about education but both were ignored as the First Minster merely derided them for suggesting SNP failure.

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The Presiding Officer really must ensure that when a question is asked that it gets a direct answer. To fail to do so merely rates us as a junior Westminster – the very parliament that we want to deride.

Thursday’s questions on education deserved direct answers. If the First Minister can avoid giving them, then these sessions are worthless.

There would be more value in seeing a punch-up as often happens in many a foreign parliament. It might be more satisfying for the Scottish people who are being ignored.

Ken Currie

Liberton Drive