Letter: City must get a grip on trams

I COME to Edinburgh every year for the rugby internationals. But with each visit over the past few years my disbelief at the inconvenience and disruption caused to the city by the tram project has just grown and grown.

The biscuit, however, was taken last weekend when my taxi driver at the airport informed me we could only reach the Balmoral by taking a devious back route and getting to it over the Bridges because of the traffic problems in Princes Street.

Leaving the city on Monday was even worse – our route took us through streets never even heard of or seen before.

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It is not for me to tell the citizens of Edinburgh what to do, but isn’t it time they kicked the four main parties out of City Hall and replaced them by independent-minded people who could actually manage the city’s affairs?

Better still would be to explore the possibility of taking legal action by imposing a surcharge on those councillors and officers whose incompetence has led to so many unnecessary costs for people and businesses.

Dugald M MacInnes, London