Letter: Breaking a taboo

David Cameron is to be congratulated for his epochal words in Munich, which ended the taboo on criticising multiculturalism (your report, 5 February). However, the policies of the coalition government, which he heads, will ensure that nothing changes.

The politically correct ethos of the public sector - of which multiculturalism is a consequence - will continue unchallenged. Indeed, much of "muscular liberalism" is no more than PC repackaged. For example, it is not obvious that sexual orientation equality is a core British value.

The human rights legislation which allows judges rather than our elected representatives to determine the nature of our society will continue to undermine it in a myriad of ways. Similarly, equalities legislation which has given public authorities carte blanche to discriminate against Christians and patriotic Britons and in favour of separatist minorities will go unchanged.

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Also, the high level of immigration, both spousal and asylum based, which ensure that many of Britain's Muslim communities grow without integrating, will continue just as before.


Prospective Ukip candidate for the Lothians

Inveralmond Grove, Edinburgh

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