Letter: Bad planning

THE article by Mark Stephens about the threat to the iconic landscape of the Falls of Clyde and the World Heritage Site of New Lanark (Perspective, 6 January) should worry anyone who values Scotland’s landscape and heritage.

Scotland is not short of sand and gravel and there would be no difficulty in finding adequate supplies elsewhere, even in South Lanarkshire, without putting this area of prime environmental quality at risk. While employment is important, that too could be provided by development elsewhere.

This is an example of a wider problem: the Trump affair, the Beauly-Denny power line and the widespread development of wind turbines, as well as this proposed development all demonstrate that Scotland’s planning system is no longer fit for purpose.

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It is cumbersome, unable to consider alternatives and without the ability to anticipate future need. It is time it was comprehensively reformed.

Gavin McCrone

Lauder Road