Letter: Back on track

I read with interest last week the accompanying piece to the story of the Edinburgh derailment regarding a decision taken in 2008 (28 July).

It stated that the city made a study in 2008 to the effect that if the suburban line became operational as a passenger line it would lose 2 million per year.

It seems a drop in the ocean compared with the cost of the trams and we would not have the view of the castle spoiled by overhead lines.

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The existing rail could also easily have had a link built to the airport without the expense and disruption caused by the current works.

We have a network of rail lines in and around Edinburgh. Why were they not utilised? Some are derelict but the bed is still there. It's a shame we can't wind back the clock to when the tram decision was made.

With the cost that was to be involved I do think there should have been a referendum with the people - the rate payers - having a say in how their money was to be spent.

Elizabeth Taylor

Fourth Street