Letter: Airport's folly

YESTERDAY we took our daughter and family to the airport and, as usual, used the drop-off facility. They had a large suitcase, another smaller one, a toy bag, nappy bag, suitbag and pushchair.

Add to this a screaming baby who just wanted to sleep in the pushchair and you can perhaps imagine what it is like trying to organise travel without some help.

By using the drop-off facility beside the terminal building we are able to help them when they visit. Yes, the drop-off is busy, but we find no problem with congestion and one just has to be patient if there is a queue. It moves very quickly.

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Air travel is difficult enough without the drop-off point being moved a distance from the terminal, charged for and expecting travellers to then board a connecting bus to the terminal.

It is inhumane to expect those in our daughter's situation to cope with this and I can also imagine how popular they would be, struggling on to the bus with all their luggage and a screaming baby.

Someone at BAA Edinburgh needs to review this decision. It is a recipe for chaos as well as a cruel additional problem for those for whom air travel is already a trial.


Craiglockhart Crescent


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