Letter: Action needed to make clean sweep

NO DOUBT Mr Fiddimore (Letters, 8 August) is still chortling at the idea of farmers, shepherds, gamekeepers etc, running around hillsides trying to pick up after animals that have done their business.

However he might care to dwell on the state of urban streets when irresponsible owners do not pick up after their pets. Dog dirt gets spread around the pavements and unquestionably gets carried into houses and into all sorts of shops, nurseries and, of course, hospitals and clinics.

Few now doubt the contamination caused by dog faeces and the damage to children and others, in particular their sight which can lead to blindness.

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It is time the government through public health warnings drew attention to the damage done by a few irresponsible dog walkers. The government after the Second World War effectively ran campaigns about the need for mass screening for tuberculosis which was very effective and which made huge inroads into the levels of TB in Scotland. It is time to face up the danger of dog mess being carried into our houses and hospitals.

Morag Morrell, Aberdeen

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