Let’s hear it

I would like to thank the festival organisers for their very enlightened policy on disability, which means that, as a now profoundly deaf person, I can buy a ticket and be sure of a position where the inductive loop works well, for any performance.

My “carer”, that is my husband, can accompany me at no charge, so effectively we can get in at half-price. So many activities are now not possible for me, such as parties, pubs and concerts, so it is good to be able to join in some Festival activities with others.

By contrast, the Assembly Rooms, probably the largest Fringe venue, has an absolutely terrible sound system.

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I asked if there was a loop system and was told there was not (most sound systems make things worse for people with a severe to profound hearing loss).

Those responsible should look carefully at the Disability Discrimination Act, which states that everything reasonable must be done to ensure equality of access in public places. This week we spent £20 on tickets to hear Tony Benn and Richard Holloway, chaired by Alan Taylor.

Although we sat in the middle of the second row, with a perfect view, and I followed everything Holloway said, I was unable to make out a single word of what either Benn or Taylor were talking about.

In addition, Alan Taylor failed to relay the questions from the floor which, again, were completely inaudible. I was terribly disappointed and came away feeling quite cross and that I had wasted my money.

Sarah Kilbey