Let the axe fall

The government has made it clear the pain of financial cuts will be felt by everyone, right down to those on benefits. Fair enough, but they must lead by example.

The cumbersome House of Lords should be dissolved, as it is largely duplication of effort and expense. All MPs' salaries and expenses should be reduced by 10 per cent and all allowances on stepping down withdrawn.

Members representing other than English constituencies should be declared redundant, giving England a de facto devolved parliament. Representatives of the four separate governments would require convening only on matters affecting the whole UK. This would avoid the extravagance of secretaries of state with their offices and staffs.


Ormiston Road

Tranent, East Lothian

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So "our whole way of life is about to change" and "we are all in this together". Not entirely true, as we find that MPs who were rejected or are "retiring" are receiving payoffs of almost 10 million. In the case of two ex-Scottish MPs, John Mason and Willie Rennie, their years of public service combined do not reach double figures, but they will each receive in excess of 32,000.

In the parlance of EastEnders, "you're having a larff". How can the government have any moral authority in dealing with the much- needed public sector reforms when it allows this ridiculous largesse to happen. Come on, Mr Cameron, stop this now.


Lawers Crescent

Polmont, Falkirk