Lesser spotted

There is the need for a rare correction to the otherwise first-class journalism of Peter Geoghegan (Perspective, 10 July). He suggests that “like the rest of Scotland” most of his cricket team voted SNP in the 2011 Scottish Parliament 

In fact, in that election the SNP obtained a majority of seats on the basis of just over 45 per cent of votes cast in the first-past-the-post constituency elections and a slightly smaller proportion of the first preference ballots for regional “top-up” seats.

The fact that the combined vote of the unionist parties was greater in 2011 than that of the SNP is important.

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It is a reminder of the uphill struggle the SNP has to convince the Scottish people to vote for the political separation of Scotland from the rest of the UK in next year’s referendum.

Norman Bonney

Palmerston Place