A largely unnoticed result of David Laws' resignation as chief secretary to the Treasury is that it doubled the number of MPs with Scottish constituencies in the Cabinet. Can Danny Alexander and Michael Moore now use their influence to take forward the devolution settlement? The new Chief Secretary and Scottish Secretary do have the chance to make history. Together they can bring forward measures far more radical than the convoluted Calman proposals.


Shiel Court


Aside from the tabloid frissons introduced by issues of sexual orientation on the one hand and propulsion from anonymity to significant government office on the other, it is regrettable that sheer naked greed appears to be a characteristic of so many politicians. David Laws has been hailed as an extremely bright spark, so why on earth did he infringe MP expenses regulations at such a sensitive time?


Millwell Park

Innerleithen, Peeblesshire

What a pity we have lost David Laws from government (your report, 31 May). It was not the renting of property that condemned him, or for that matter, the sum of 40,000. It was simply because he rented from someone he knew and with whom he had a relationship. That is very sad.



Carslogie Road, Cupar