Landlines vital

Like many other people living in the more remote areas of Britain, I should be very sorry indeed to lose my landline telephone (your report, 22 October).

I rely on it entirely as I am unable to use my mobile phone here in Cromarty unless I go down and stand near the shore.

As I am now over 80 years of age this would be out of the question should I become ill through the night, or indeed at any other time.

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It would also mean I would have to go out of my house to make any phone calls at all and this would cut me off from friends and relations.

However, I do use broadband, so hopefully I will have a landline for a while yet.


Bank Street


Don’t write off landline 
telephones just yet. Vinyl records were similarly waved goodbye 30 years ago, but there is still a great demand for them.

Half the 2,000 people in the recent study mentioned in your report do not use landlines, but what of the other half, who do?

Younger persons prefer mobiles, but what of the older persons who rely on landlines? Are their needs to be (as often now) dismissed?

Many areas in Cumbria lack mobile signals. For these, landlines are vital.

Jeremy Godwin

Drivers Lane

Penrith, Cumbria