Lamont’s lesson

YESTERDAY I watched First Minister’s Questions from the Scottish Parliament on BBC television.

I was horrified at First Minister Alex Salmond’s jibes at Johann Lamont, leader of the Labour Party in Scotland.

Ms Lamont made a comment referring to her O-level education and how she was taught to show workings as to how an answer had been calculated.

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Mr Salmond appeared to sneer at her and made two jibes stating she should get a better education. The question Ms Lamont put was on the Scottish economy’s ability to pay future old age pensions.

In my opinion, this was Mr Salmond’s “Gordon Brown – 
Gillian Duffy” moment. Sneering at O-level education when the ­majority of youngsters strive to attain this level is not helpful.

These youngsters are the very people whose taxes pay the huge salaries and pensions of the First Minister and the rest of our parliamentarians.

I think every pupil in Scotland should see exactly what Mr Salmond thinks of the education his SNP government provides for them.


Nairn, Highland